Oh my goodness thank you all so much!! I never thought I would reach 700. And to celebrate, here’s another giveaway! :D

But Stella, how can you possibly do a bigger giveaway than the last one? Well that’s a good question, but I have my ways! Bwahahaha! If you all thought the last giveaway was intense, just wait till you read what I’m giving away this time!

This time around you can win:

1st prize: A crazy prop of your choice! I’ll make you Timetables, Ribbitar, a Sawtooth or Squarewave mask, Clawsickles, Home Smell Ya Later Sickles, and more! (If you want something as big and crazy as Zillyhoo, you’ll have to live close enough to pick it up in person. I just can’t ship something that massive)

2nd prize: Horns!! Any kind of horns you want!! I can even try your fantroll if they aren’t too crazy! (Like the 1st prize, giant things like Summoner horns will have to be picked up in person)

3rd prize: Prints!! I know I’m not the best artist, but I have quite a few big ol’ 19” by 13” size prints :D I will show the winner the full selection of prints they could have when they have won. But they include a uu print, and gamzee print, a jake vs brobot print, a tavros print, and a jake print! Any two of those could be yours!

I will be using a random number generator to pick the winners on SEPTEMBER 1ST, 11:59 PM EST. That gives you several months to enter!

Sounds pretty great, huh? And all you have to do to enter is read and follow the rules! :D


- You may like and reblog this post as many times as you want, but please keep your followers in mind and try not to spam them too much.

- NO USING SIDE BLOGS. I will be checking.

- You don’t have to follow me, but golly gosh it would be fantastic if you did! I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future too!

- Shipping is free, but I can only ship in the United States. Sorry, international followers!

- You need to be comfortable with giving me your address and shipping information. Otherwise I can’t send your prize! (Also, to the winner of horns in my last giveaway, I still need your address! Please get that to me ASAP so I can ship your Eridan horns!)

- Please message me if you have any questions!


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